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Own Skates Rules

No Plastic Wheels Allowed at the Rink!

If you are bringing your own roller skates or inline skates then we will ask to check them on the door to make sure they are safe & suitable for our skate floor, please ensure your skates are in good condition (clean wheels) & they MUST have grippy rubber wheels & stoppers!

Skates with hard plastic wheels, plastic or worn stoppers or pretruding axles/bolts are not allowed in the rink.


Skates with hard plastic wheels & or stoppers have no grip at all!
They are unsafe & basically useless on most skating surfaces!
They are a Hazzard for the user and other Skaters!
Plastic Wheels are NOT SAFE & NOT ALLOWED at Rollers Roller Rink!
Plastic Wheels & Stoppers are useless and you won't be able to stop or turn without falling over!
Worn down Stoppers and pretruding Axles will wreck any skate floor!
All the Roller & Inline Skates we sell and hire out here at the rink have rubber (grippy) wheels and stoppers!
Even our toddler trainer skates have grippy rubber wheels!
We want you to have the best skating experience & fun and we want you to be able to skate well or learn to skate!
If you have been unfortunate enough to have bought skates with plastic wheels then we can upgrade most roller skates & inline and fit suitable wheels & stoppers for multi purpose indoor & outdoor skating.
Cheaper Roller Skates with plastic wheels usually come with basic bearings which are not all compatible for some wheel upgrades so if you want to upgrade to Flashing Wheels etc you may need to buy 16 compatible bearings aswell.
If you not sure on what to buy then you are welcome to give us a call or pop in for advice.

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