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Fundraising on Skates 2018

We have a couple of options for Fundraising & Charity events at the moment!
Option 1.
Earn ££ Cashback on Tickets/door sales*
We'll donate a % per person for everyone that pays the entry skating admission fee or buys online tickets for the event.
We can set a price for the non skaters entry and also donate a % of that too.
We host the whole event so all you have to do is concentrate on promoting the event & selling tickets on and offline.
You can promote the event to all your friends with flyers, posters & on social media,
local papers & radio etc and we can also help promote it with posters & flyers around the Rink and on our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts.

Eg. if 50 people turn up to skate you we will receive £150.00 or 100 people £300!
(our max is 200 in building & 50-75 skating at any one time on the skate floor)

Available Mondays-Thursdays at selected times 11am-11pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Nights available if booked well in advance & subject to availability
Option 2.
Hire the Whole Venue*
You can hire the whole Roller Rink for 2hrs-5hrs and sell tickets in advance & or collect the entrance money on the night.
Venue Hire is from £250.00 for 2 hours & £85.00 for every extra hour after.
Eg. If you sell 50 skating tickets at our normal price of £9 you will take £450 less the venue hire charge. 
You can set a "non skaters" entry fee from £2-£5 or more?
You can also hold a raffle or set up a merchandise stall to help raise more money.
(our maximum is 200 in building & 50-75 skating at any one time on the skate floor, larger groups can be split down into 1 hour skate sessions) 
You can also have half skating & half disco or mainly skating and then finish off the night with a disco after the skating so everyone can join in, dance & have fun.
We can theme the night from 60s 70s 80s 90s Soul Funk Disco Reggae, Chart, Top 40 etc

(available Mondays-Thursdays 11am-11pm & Friday & Saturday Nights 7pm til 11am or midnight or Sundays from 5pm-8pm subject to availability) 
Any & All Themes & Advertising for your Fundraising Event must be approved by us before any publication or confirmed booking.
We can help with the advert/flyer/poster design & online advertising!

Let us know if you need anymore info or you have any of your own ideas that you would like to put forward?


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